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Welcome to my website: meandering browsers, potential clients, procrastinators, and all visitors


Psychotherapy is a relationship that is focused on you, your potential, the barriers to achieving your potential, your life path and life story, and your movement toward the future. It’s a unique relationship that is powerful and confidential.


I have been a therapist all my life and licensed to practice since 1980. In over 30 years of work, I have developed specialties and helped with a wide range of psychological issues. My first specialty was procrastination. I struggled to finish my dissertation at Columbia University and then created Procrastination Groups for students at U.C. Berkeley. In 1983 I co-authored, with Lenora Yuen, Procrastination: Why You Do It; What To Do About It, and we finished two years past the deadline. The book sold over 150,000 copies and landed us in People Magazine, The New York Times, and on Oprah and 20/20. In 2008, we published a revision to mark the 25th anniversary of the book still being in print: Procrastination: Why You Do It; What To Do About It NOW  , and we finished it on time....


I also specialize in adult children of alcoholics, relationship difficulties, divorce, creative blocks, trauma, grief, gender issues, illness and aging, and ethical dilemmas.


I meet with clients one, two, or three times a week. I don't give advice or homework, but I'm a very good listener who will help you make your own decisions toward reaching your goals.    

Please call or email me for a consultation session to discuss working together in individual therapy.