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                ON PROCRASTINATION:

BURKA, JANE B. AND YUEN, LENORA (1983; 2008). Procrastination: Why You Do It; What To Do About It NOW.   Cambridge, MA: Perseus Press.


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             CLINICAL WRITING:

BURKA, JANE B. (2014). "A Chorus of Difference: Evolving From Moral Outrage to Complexity and Pluralism." In, R. Deutsch (Ed.) Traumatic Ruptures: Abandonment and Betrayal in the Analytic Relationship. New York: Francis and Taylor. pp. 126-144.

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The chapter is available at  www.academia.edu

BURKA, JANE B. (2008). Psychic Fallout from Breach of Confidentiality: A Patient / Analyst’s Perspective. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 44:2, 177-198.

You can Google 'Jane Burka Breach of Confidentiality' to locate this article online, or go to www.academia.edu or

BURKA, JANE B., SARNAT, JOAN E., AND ST. JOHN, CORNELIA.  (2007). "Learning From Experience in Case Conference: A Bionian Approach to Teaching and Consulting." International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, 88: 981-1000.

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and at www.academia.edu

BURKA, JANE B. (1996). "The Therapist's Body in Reality and Fantasy." In B. Gerson (Ed.). The Therapist as a Person: Life Crises, Life Choices, Life Experiences and Their Effects on Treatment. pp. 255-276.

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The chapter is available at